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I found my book. I have approx. 100 more pages to go in the story. When I am done I will let you know about the story. Please be advised that I will also let you know about another book that I am reading when I am through with it. I started it a couple of days ago. It is called The Angry Black Woman’s Guide to Life by Denene Millner, Angela Burt-Murray, Mitzi Miller.  Also I am writing Be Honest- You’re Not That Into Him Either by Ian Kerner, P.H.D.

And I ask you to take a look at the get married magazine and the website www.getmarried.com for all of those planning to get married in the near future.

To my chat buddy I wish you and yours the best on your day.  It is coming soon for you.  Blessed married life to the both of you.


Internet Writers Oath

I am re-posting an old post I did at the blog http://www.teribelle.wordpress.com. I think you guys will find it a good read and hopefully will look into doing it yourselves. Thanks.

Good Morning. For those in the know: if you read BlogHer you know they have tackled people stealing others blog entries and posting them on their website without permission and without link backs. I am guilty myself. I try to put a link in but I have learned it is good to notify them that you are doing so. This way they don’t get upset. Well this is a subject close to my soapbox heart. You know why- cause I am always telling you to watch what you say. The link-wait for it; ….drum roll please:

http://www.blogher.com/justin-long-and-internet-writers-oath?wrap=topic/life&crumb=19 walalah! Please read. Let them know your feedback. I think its good advice. I think it words we may want to live by. I think we can all agree even radio personalities use this motto. Like Ms. A. says if you put it out there she will talk about it. But at the same time, I think she tries to give you the opportunity if possible if you call her show and tell the world your side of things. A friend from college said once well you thought it you might as well say it because you will eventually. That’s a paraphrase because I don’t remember exactly what she said. So please don’t be angry. Again, why you have to watch what you say.
I think in the article it says that you should if you are going to write about them and what they said to please let them know beforehand. I have done that with my friend Mr. Moseley. As you can see I have a portion of his e-mail posted here. But I didn’t want to do that without his permission because even though it was sent to me, it wasn’t just my conversation. Therefore, I didn’t feel it right to actually just post it. To be fair, I had written the article, saved it and then told him. So you see, even I need to remember that. But the point is that I had to let him know prior to posting it on my webpage.

Another reason I am saying it is that I like some poets and some songwriters. I have posted their work as well. What gets me into trouble is am still learning what is okay to post without permission. To be safe, the best thing to do is to ask permission. But when dealing with conversations, and other issues you may want to ask permission. You can’t always do that. So its also a judgement call. What do you feel is what your willing to risk in your post?

More later.


Hi. I am reading up on my genre of interest for writing. That is mystery. I am reading a cozy mystery. For those in the know and those who don’t know a cozy mystery is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cozy_mystery and is defined as: subgenre of crime fiction in which sex and violence are downplayed or treated humourously. That article from Wikipedia explains it. Also read: http://www.cozy-mystery.com/Definition-of-a-Cozy-Mystery.html which is a website that also talks about cozy mysteries. So far my writing is going towards being a cozy mystery. It has an attorney who solves a mystery with a side kick who is either a paralegal, college student or someone other than himself. So I am figuring out slightly where I believe my novel falls in but the publisher might think otherwise.

For those in the know: looking for work is hard and depressing. Do you know the worst is when people ask you to do something that you know you don’t want to do.

Chat ya laterz!


Please check out the Golden Pen Contest for 2011. I will post the website along with the link for the rules a little later on today.

I am in the pulse 061811


I am in the pulse! Hehehehe ! Yahoo! Okay seriously though I am in the know so to speak. Meaning that I am in the process of learning. Remember my last post that had the list of blogs that I read to help me learn. Well this post is along the same lines. But what I want to do on this post is to tell you my experience to date. So okay I started thinking of writing professionally in around 2001-2002 after September 11th. I had been unemployed and at a loose ends because I couldn’t find a job. I had started journaling to help me through my depression which I probably caused myself. After all, I had not been through what they had been through at ground zero. Pictures don’t do it justice. Anyway, I had started reading self help books a lot. I had started reading count them nine papers approximately. I don’t think I had that many but yeah damn near close. And read them I did. Although sometimes I read the same story over again. You can actually check out http://www.onlinenewspapers.com/ is the address that you can look at on the internet. And then I went back to work in the fall of 2002. After the fall of 2002 in 2003 I started working as a secretary. And that is when I decided to take a writing class because I had started to write a mystery novel. After that I took about two more classes and cancelled one of them. They were both online. Joined a ton of groups online, spoke to people about my work, got bamboozled, got told about plagiarism, got told I wasn’t a good writer, got told I wasn’t the writer and got told I may succeed if I believe it and if I feel that I am good then I should pursue. All of this to say is that I am still attempting to maintain my writing career.

I started freelancing around the same time. My rationale was that I could freelance from home and raise a family, maintain a marriage had I gotten married and had a career with a full life. I have to tell you that of the people I know they say I spend way too much time on my computer and not enough time with persons around me. Hence they may try an intervention. So okay I am still trying. Joined some more blogs and I am re-starting the one for the mystery pseudonym. What I am saying is that I am still plugging on.

And yes I still want the home job, with the husband and the family but if I only get one out of the three then that isn’t bad.

So that I have brought you up to date, the reason for me telling you that I am in the pulse is that as I browse through the other blogs and websites that I look at, I see we are somehow all on the same wavelength. Which to me is the coolest thing in the world. Because it means at least I am getting something. So if we are on the same wavelength then it follows that no matter where we are in our careers we will eventually complete the journey to authentic authorship.

Another phrase- authentic authorship. I am sure you have probably heard the arguments- you have stolen my writing, please don’t plagiarize me, please don’t say that we wrote the same thing- well that is the cause of it all- authentic authorship. If you look at I believe the blog is www.murderati.com and www.blogher.com both websites touch upon the subject. An actual contributor found some of her actual work on another blog without the person asking permission. I have mentioned that even I received an email about plagiarism and had to correct it. But to steal an entire work is not the right thing to do. Hence the other websites I offered you were www.eff.org , www.mashable.com , www.lorelle.wordpress.com are very helpful in that endeavor. They give you the latest updates for your computer and computer programming, social platform and legal. Also check out http://www.juliamccutchen.com/blog/?tag=authentic the blog written by Julia McCutchen as well.

All of the above will help you on your journey of writing. And I wish you all the best and luck you can get. So write on fellows.

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multiple bloggers on a website 061911


I am blogging for a website that has multiple bloggers. I don’t know the actual count but it is above six bloggers. And there are some things that you need to know about your rights as a blogger. And there are some issues about content and copyright that you should know. Please take a look at these articles if this is information you would like or you are looking for a good read.

http://lorelle.wordpress.com/2011/05/23/managing-multiple-bloggers-author-content-management-on-wordpress/ Managing Multiple Bloggers and other articles

look for:

Author feeds and Syndication

Scrapers and Copyright Violators

http://www.plagiarismtoday.com/stopping-internet-plagiarism/1-how-to-find-plagiarism/ statistically improbable phrase (sip)

http://lorelle.wordpress.com/2006/04/10/what-do-you-do-when-someone-steals-your-content/ What to Do When Someone Steals Your Content and other topics

http://lorelle.wordpress.com/2006/04/11/the-growing-trends-in-content-theft/ The Growing Trends in Content Theft and other articles

http://lorelle.wordpress.com/2005/10/29/10-things-you-need-to-know-before-you-blog/ 10 Things You Need to Know Before You Blog (includes EFF Legal Guide for Bloggers)

http://rights.journalspace.com/ Bloggers Rights Blog found in www.journalspace.com

http://www.templetons.com/brad/copymyths.html Copyright Myths

http://www.blogherald.com/2007/11/26/the-6-steps-to-stop-content-theft/ The 6 Steps to Stop Content Theft

New Blogging Space




www.wordpress.com or .net


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Review of Bound to Moonlight written by Nina Croft and reviewed by Teri Harmon

Title: Bound to Moonlight

Author: Nina Croft

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Price: 3.50

Sighs: 3 sighs

Review: Bound to Moonlight written by Nina Croft

Reviewed by: Teri Harmon

I enjoyed this novel written by Nina Croft. I give it three sighs. I would recommend it to other people to read and I would like to read other books by her. You can check out her personal information and learn more about her at her facebook page which the address is:


The story Bound by Moonlight is about Anya a young lady, who was taken and cared for by the Agency, a facility that deals with the paranormal and research. Along the way she meets up with Sebastian Quinn who is a werewolf. You get to see a glimpse of the fear of the wolf pack in being hunted and destroyed because they are different. Anya, whose job it is to come back with Sebastian Quinn meets him and begins to be intrigued. Along the way he saves her life which helps him to save himself and his family. This is Book Two of the Sisters of the Moon Series. I suggest that if you like this book, you may want to go back and purchase the first one as well. This way you can get the entire family in your reading.

You can contact Wild Rose Press directly if you would like to purchase the story, go to your local book store or www.amazon.com.

Review of Bound to Moonlight written by Nina Croft and reviewed by Teri Harmon.docx

Welcome to Teri’s Corner Table

Hello and how are you?  Well guys I am starting this blog to talk about romance and mystery.  This blog will host some information up and coming regarding certain events and books that may be out. But I want you to actually read the blogs that I am contributor to which are:  www.letstalkromance.wordpress.com and www.letstalkromancereviews.wordpress.com  which start today.

I along with other writers will be posting blog entries regarding the genre of romance and we hope that you enjoy it.