NaNoMo National Novel Writing Month

It’s December. And the National Novel Writing Month is over which occurs in November. Well I have tried it twice. This year as I stated a friend had invited me into her group of other established writers such as herself and they all just wrote and posted their progress. And asked for encouragement throughout the month. Let me tell you, you should all aspire to be like them. It didn’t matter they all wrote. All come from various stages in their writing career- most making money off of their published works.
So although I didn’t finish my novel, I did get back into writing it. My problem however, is that I have to finish it and make it so that I like it, and that it is good and understandable and a mystery is shown to me and to you the reader. And that it makes sense and you can read it as well as pick out the clues on our own.
So my goal is to finish the novel and to step back. I am hoping to have it shown to a new group to critique it. The first group I showed it to said I had a lot of work to do. That I had a lot of backstory and not enough story. That the mystery wasn’t well thought out and that it was okay but not well written. So I had a lot of work to do based on that person’s opinion. So ok- I hate criticism. But I will take it, internalize it, rail against it and then learn from it. My book is going to be DYNAMITE! So now that I have said that- wait until it gets published and hopefully in the book stores. That will be my proof to you that I am indeed a good writer. And if you buy my book, all the better. You gave me the criticizm I needed to make it better. And make it better I shall.
So my goal is to take what I learned from the group which was to continue writing-even if I think it is not good. When I am stressed out to take a break and then re-visit it later on. I might have better ideas by then. And to finish the story.
My story at last count was over 10,000 words. When I hit that goal I was very proud of myself. I hadn’t thought I could do that. But I did. So I am not really sure of the end word count. I will let the story decided that. But I am hoping to have a friend read it when it is completed and give me feedback as to what they think of it. I am not expecting a home run best seller like it was written about in the article about Darcie Chan that my friend gave me but I am hoping to have a good enough book to make decent sales.

So here is a little organizational tool I developed from my NaNoMo experience this year.
First- plan if this is a new novel or a continuation.
Second- set a goal of how many words per day that you want or per week. It doesn’t matter the amount only that you make it if you can.
And finally, just write and see what happens.
Thats your plan for the whole month. Some of the people I talk to, have actually written new novels that are now published and doing well in th booksphere. So you see it can be done and has been done by other people.
So if they can do it, you can do it and I can do it.

For those in the know: how many times have you read a book and gone- thats a good idea- a lot right? Well I have a plan for this year that arose out of me reading a time management novel. Thats like a bible.
I will finish the novel and I will have it read by a friend. And there is no date because what I need to do is finish it at this point. Completely written and ready to read. So that’s my goal as I said. And I am sticking to it hopefully.

Chat ya laterz fellow friends.


Back Again

So I am working as a freelance writer right? And I have a lot to do to get better. But on the up and up there is a good reason for the title- I had taken off two months to work on some personal projects of mine. Now I am back in December and ready to hopefully titillate your brain. Please be on the lookout for guest posts and other book reviews. Hope you enjoy your Christmas holiday.

Empowerment of Ourselves as Women

Hi. I just found this right now. I think you will like the article. Follow the links:

Enjoy fellow people

Phone Etiquette

Hello. I would like to speak to Teri?
May I ask who is calling?
This is Juju.
Oh Juju. I’m sorry but Teri doesn’t live here anymore. Do you have her new telephone number?
No I don’t. Could you give it to me?
Well I haven’t gotten it either. But she does check messages. I will tell her that you called.
Thank you. Goodbye.

Don’t you just hate that telephone call? How many times have you given it or gotten it. Well I think the next time it happens to you just make sure that whenever that former roommate or housemate calls that they leave that forwarding information. However, if you are no longer talking to them then I suggest that you tell them that.

Next situation:

Hello. May I speak to Teri?
This is Teri May I ask who is calling?
This is Misha from the Business of Writing.
Oh well I am on the no call list. You shouldn’t have been able to make this telephone call.
Oh I didn’t see you on the Do Not Call List. I will make a noted remove you from the list.
Thank you for your time.

Next situation:
Hello. May I speak to Teri?
May I ask who is calling? (Teri in the background. Tell them I’m not here. Slightly audble)
Oh (Shush they can hear you. Oh! Oh!)
Oh Mr. Michaels. Well she isn’t available right now.
OH you heard her in the background you thought? No its a tape recording.
Well I will be happy to tell her you called. Bye.

Well I hope you enjoyed the telephone calls. The last one is one I am sure we all do or have heard. You ain’t slick you all. We just don’t say anything next time we see you.

Articles of Interests from Other Websites

Interesting Article for those who blog on this site and others


Meeting my deadline. Oh my God the daily stresses of meeting my deadline. My next deadline is August 17, 2011 at 12 am. Why that early? Because I have to forward it to the owner of the blog in order to post it. And then I guess she will give me the information for posting. How important is a deadline? When you have one to get your book to the publisher it is very important. In fact, that this deadline may be the very one that makes you a lot of money might make a world of difference to you and your pocketbook.
As a paralegal/secretary you have to meet the deadlines in accordance with the rules of the courts. Although you can ask for extension in your time to answer you must meet that deadline. For interrogatory answers it is I believe 60 days, for notice to produce it is 30 days, for an independent medical examination you are given a date to have the appointment and then you are allowed to switch the date with a fee for a missed appointment until it becomes a court ordered appointment. And then you face court ordered sanctions if you fail to attend and it is possible that the court may not allow you to enter into evidence any medical information pertaining to the said injury.
As a teacher you face deadlines that you create for your class as well as state mandated dates for the continuation of your tenure as a teacher. As a student we are given deadlines for papers, projects and other things. Deadlines are in everything we do.
I am going to draw your attention to an article that I wrote in another blog called Time Management in In it the piece gives what I hope to be good ways of managing your time so that those deadlines are met. I had to learn to better manage my time in order to do my job whether as a secretary or a paralegal better. And I learned how it all came together in my job as a secretary for the General Counsel of an insurance company. And I found out also that I like being on the peripheral of the law case as oppose to in the meet of it. By that I mean I like sending you the information that you need to use in your defense or prosecution of the case.
Taking what is said in that article one step further your deadline for the publisher might be say by August 2012. That gives you one year to complete your book for publication. And my understanding because I have only been published on the internet and the book that I wrote is print on demand (you ask and I make you a book that you pay for) I am not completely knowledgeable of the ins and outs of publishing. But your publisher may have you rewrite a portion of your novel. This will then push back the date that your book is published. So you have some finger biting still to do with your deadline even after you hand in your finished manuscript. But it will be worth the wait to see your finished project.
And I can’t wait to pick it up to read.